What we do.

Whatever the project or industry is, we support the project life cycle through systematic project development methods coupled with the best expertise in a particular sector. We agree with you on the scope of the assignment, which best fits your organisational needs. We utilize and recognize the customer's strengths and bring in the needed particular expertise and resources to match the stages of the project.

Our lifecycle approach can be presented in modules:

Aikagroup experts assist you in building a concept suitable for your regional economic situation and marketability.

Research and Analysis
We perform customized research and analysis in both a quantitative and qualitative manner for ideal dimensioning and financial outcomes.

Project Planning and Financing
We take care of complete detailed project plans from concept to Implementation stages.

Development and Implementation
We manage the entire implementation process of the project plan.

Sales and Promotion
The Project sales and stakeholder communication can be organised through Aikagroup services. We build and train your organisation for the task or formulate the communications plan that best suits your needs.

Operation and Management
We also build the organisation for operating the Project from early on. We can assist in managing the Project and all its functions within the operations and maintenance processes. Aikagroup also provides backup resources for further assistance in project development.