Botswana Innovation Hub
Gaborone, Botswana

Ministry fo Infrastructure, Science and Technology

Gaborone, Botswana


Consulting Construction management Development design Program Implementation


The Aikagroup consulting team, partnered with Technopolis Plc., designed a viable business plan to establish Botswana Innovation Hub. The project started with a feasibility study that defined the scope and focus of the Innovation Hub to make it both technically and commercially viable and a priority in the broader framework of clusters of innovation / Technology Hub. The project has advanced to the implementation stage, where 25.000 m2 is being built in the vicinity of the airport in Gaborone.

The Botswana Innovation Hub concept comprises excellent facilities, services, cluster and incubation-based development programmes. It provides a fertile business environment where people throughout the value chain and different sized organizations can seamlessly meet, talk and collaborate. Innovation Hub will have business development programmes that enhance networking, raise the competitiveness of the community's focus sectors, foster company growth, support internationalization and improve entrepreneurial skills.

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Botswana Innovation Hub