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Mr Ari Kalmari has over 14 years experience in building the regional innovation systems on academic and technology center sector in close cooperation with local businesses and industries. 2004 he was invited to Lahti Science and Business Park Ltd which is a leading environmental technology center in Finland but also responsible of innovation- and hitech-oriented growth programmes and related services for all the industrial clusters in the Lahti region. Mr Kalmari has been in charge of the development activities of the biggest cluster mecatronics/ICT and he is also member of the cluster board. At the moment he is responsible of innovation and development activities for wellbeing cluster as a director of the national Regional Centre Programme in Lahti Region. Lahti is one of leading finnish regions in developing the public private partnership and private wellbeing business. Mr Kalmari also is an official representative of Finnish State Technical Research Center VTT in Lahti.

During his academic career (1993 - 2004) Mr Kalmari was responsible of building and starting the ICT engineering line at Lahti University of Applied Sciences. He was also managing the educational and administrative functions of the line which finally formed half of the volume of the faculty of technology. Mr Kalmari himself was specialized on telecommunication, data network technologies and electronics. Year 2001 he founded and managed a new R&D unit, Lahti IT Centre, together with Helsinki University of Technology, Lahti University of Applied Sciences, the city of Lahti and local companies. IT Centre's mission was to boost R&D work in the companies and develop their competitiveness especially by promoting utilization of ICT. IT Centre activities were moved to Lahti Science and Business Park at the beginning of year 2004.

During 1985 - 1993 Mr Kalmari worked for Lahti Precision, an international provider for machine controls. He was in charge of programming and automation and was responsible of several plant start-ups in Russia, Estonia, the nordic countries an in UK. He also was responsible of one significant business development project which consisted of designing the first after-sales products and starting the after-sales business which he also managed.

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Ari Kalmari