Energy and environment


We help the public and private sectors respond to environmental challenges and opportunities created by worldwide drivers - climate reduction, sustainability, energy and climate change, air and water quality, air quality, resource efficiency, sustainable transport, innovation and knowledge transfer, and risk management and due diligence.

We also want to work hands on. Our middle European Office has specialiced in planning of implemantation of air and fluid circulation processes as a whole. The installation include design, production and delivery processes for:

  • heat collection
  • waste water treatment for industrial and hotel uses
  • filtration, ultrafiltration plants
  • wood drying technologies

We design mobile and sustainable processes, ready for assembly or even short term use at temporary sites.

We identify energy recovery opportunities for industry by using a global approach. The decreased energy consumption comes about either across the overall process (pulp and paper, chemicals, etc.) or at specific operations in the process (distillation, drying, etc.). The improvements can result from the recovery and use of rejected heat streams, from optimized control based on process modeling, or from the use of hybrid technologies (eg. distillation, adsorption and membranes). Our experts and industry partners rely on our analysis tools not only to examine the individual equipment pieces, their operation and their utility systems, but also to study how they interact, in order to reduce global plant consumption.